How to Make Just the Right Statement

May 25, 2018

As an interior designer, I always draw inspiration from fashion. A piece of jewelry, the fabulous trim on a blouse, or even a button detail can inspire rooms that we design. For last year’s DC Design House, the inspiration came from a collection of vintage Hermes scarves. The colors and textures served as art work for a large wall and were quite the conversation starter! Making a statement in a room, or in the way you dress, is a delicate balance.


Being in Neutral is Anything But Neutral

May 11, 2018

In celebration of recoloring our first textiles collection in neutrals, we’re focusing on all of the soft shades and textures that can make a neutral color pallet warm and embracing.


A Love Affair With Blue

April 27, 2018

Cobalt, navy, indigo, sky, royal, azure, and on and on. All of the shades of blue are near and dear to my heart and I have to admit, the love affair started at a young age. Over the years, I have designed countless projects using various shades of blue. I still self identify as a “blue girl”.


Introducing Cobalt & Cloth by Marika Meyer

April 12, 2018

Hello! So glad you are joining me as I kick off my new blog, Cobalt & Cloth. You may be wondering — why start a blog, why now? Well, managing two businesses and raising two boys can often feel a bit like a rollercoaster, and you are certain to hit a few bumps along the way. But, each challenge brings the opportunity to learn some very valuable lessons!