May 10, 2012

A love affair with lanterns

I have a total obsession with lanterns, and especially the hunt to find right lantern. I lived in New Orleans for four years and am certain that the repetition of the form instilled the passion. I have lots of fun scouring antique and vintage stores for older pieces and also enjoy using new finds.

Most recently, I used this vintage Mike Weeks lantern in the Children’s Hospital National Children’s Medical Center show house.


I always keep my eye out for interesting pieces when I am traveling. These are some that I recently found at The Inn at Perry Cabin.

Another favorite is this lantern which was on the former porch of a client. The scale says it all.


Bevelo Lighting is based in New Orleans and has mastered the art of the gas lantern. I love this wall mount option.


Here are images of other installations that I love. I always enjoy pulling the outdoors inside–the rustic finish is perfect with the contemporary art work.

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