October 12, 2010

Peled Shutters, High Quality, Original Design

Meyer Interiors struggles to constantly discover la crème de la crème in terms of interior design materials and also in terms of the most popular and highly praised providers of such materials in the field. Today we have decided to direct our attention on the Peled Company, a venue that mainly focuses on the importing, marketing, and full installation of wood and aluminum doors and windows, along with wooden shutters and solid wood doors and windows. The company specializes in the natural preservation and conservation of historical buildings in Tel Aviv, Jaffa and Jerusalem and it works together with the Tel Aviv Municipality’s Department of Restoration. Peled is largely recognized as the main leader in building conservation, even though private hotel and private home construction projects are also commonly designed here. today we decided to focus our attention on a special product category the company currently offers: wooden shutters.

Peled Wooden Shutters – Top Quality Solutions


The company’s wooden shutters have an interesting tale behind them, as they were initially designed and built to fit the preservation needs of the Tel Aviv area. Having successfully served the needs of a large variety of buildings all across the city, the switch to the residential area was a logical thing to do. In time, the Peled Company managed to gain the respect, admiration, and appreciation of a large number of end-users on the look for top quality shading solutions for their homes. The wooden shutters provided by these fellows are able to originally combine great style and design with functionality, resulting in some remarkable products. These wooden roller shutters are fully compatible with any window type you might have in mind, and they can perfectly blend in no matter what sort of architecture or style your house, office, or building might be featuring. They are meant to provide you with the functionality and shade protection you need, while also maintaining the full aesthetics of your place.  


Various Wooden Shutters Models: Make Your Pick


The Peled shutters can be found in an excellent variety of models, sizes, and finishes or materials. Small, medium and large are the three main sizes you can choose from. They are also to be found in their classic form featuring a classic finish, and clients can opt for the electric operation or the manual operation varieties. Peled also offers fixed or movable blade shutters. The large roller shutters (maxi) have no height limitations, they are 4500-5000mm in width, their blade sizes can vary between 14 and 48mm and they feature fasteners made of stainless steel. The rolling blinds have a maximum width measuring 4500-5000mm, the blade size is also 14/48mm, fasteners are made of sturdy stainless steel and there feature no height limitations.  Medium wooden shutters that roll have a maximum width of 3000mm, their blade size varies between 14 and 35m, and again there are no restrictions concerning their height. And, finally, small wooden rollers feature 10/25mm in terms of blade size, while their maximum width is 3000 mm.



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