November 16, 2010


Last week I stopped by one of my favorite shops and saw these fabulous Murano bowls.

They instantly reminded me a cover of Australian Vogue that I have held on to for years that features the most wonderful collection of Murano bowls and is titled “Indulge”.

What perfect verbiage to describe these sensational pieces that are rich in color, luster and form! The antique mirror commode that they are sitting on is not too shabby either. I am a true sucker for Italian glass as it conjures up memories of my Grandmother’s dressing table and the beautiful pieces my Grandfather brought back from trips to Italy. It also made me realize that I still have not unpacked my own collection since we moved. Tonight I will be knee deep in boxes trying to unearth these little treasures! Locally, I generally find the best vintage pieces at Mike Johnson’s fabulous mid-century store Sixteen Fifty Nine.

While I think the bowls are fabulous, I adore Murano lamps and chandeliers as well:

The way light plays off the coloration is sensational and they make an interest accent in any style home. I am always on the lookout for any accent piece that can transcend specific styles and bring excitement to an installation.

This weekend I saw these adorable Murano ducks at the McLean Antiques Show—they were very tempting!

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